About crematorium, brooms and phallic symbols, or What Ratushniak promises Uzhgorod residents

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About crematorium, brooms and phallic symbols, or What Ratushniak promises Uzhgorod residents

"The best," or rather, most colorful phrases, that were uttered today at the meeting with journalists and the public by a candidate for the mayor of Uzhgorod and twice ex-mayor Serhiy Ratushniak, deserve to be re-told to the widest circles.

Top 25 pearls per hour were recorded in Uzhgorod Press Club, where the meeting to present the programs of the participants of the second round took place. However, Bohdan Andriyiv did not come to the meeting - he made ​​a statement in advance that he would not debate with the man who has no moral right to run for mayor and who allows himself to beat women.

So here are statements of Serhiy Ratushnyak published by the Zaholovok. 

1.  I will suggest the President and the Government to give us a free economic zone. We must receive money. I understand that there is the army, the KGB, prisons, hospitals, diplomatic corps... Let's have 50 to 50. 

2. The majority is already divided: deputies, secretaries, where people will work, whose wife, whose mistress...

3. - Will you return the pavement, which was on Shvabska street? (Question from the audience)

    - Of course.

    - How?

    - What do you mean how? If they do not give it back, they will go to prison.

It is not allowed to be sold by law. It is like a monument of UNESCO. Whoever took it should be in jail.

4. In terms of the city cleaning, I would make it something more than just waving a broom.

Janitors come at 7-8 o'clock and then they are gone. But they get paid anyway.

5. If there are more brooms, there will be more cleaning

6. My path is from the craddle to the grave... I can clean on the way.

7. Why the hell should I be afraid of the church?

8. The church in the Bozdosh park must be dismantled. Voluntarily. If not, through court. And if that does not work, from the the American Fund by attacks.

9. If a gang is older and richer, it is not from Christ.

10. Those are not churches, but groceries that work without cash registers.

11. He is so picky, it makes sick. In a good way, of course.

12. I would like it to be 100 meters high. It is such a great phallic symbol! (referring to the high rise, which he wants to build).

13. From the 17th floor, you can be see Slovakia, Hungary, and Ukraine at your feet.

14 Crematorium is a must have. Especially since there are so many homeless and so on.

15. Only dogs shit there. Do you like it? (when asked about construction on Bohdan Khmelnytsky Square).

16. That moron that shakes its stick... (about a representative of one of the denominations)

17. Well, it's just a box. You can have a box as an office space. But a theater? What style is it? Gothic? (...) It won't do for the theater.  Let's hold a competition, make some stucco, some columns, some frames, forging, add shingles... (about the building of the Transcarpathian Regional Music and Drama Theater)

18. That's a theater, that's a fountain...

19. What puppet theater? It's just a shed. (about the building of the Transcarpathian regional puppet theater "Bavka")

20. Synagogue must be given to Jews. (about the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic)

21. He was killed already. With a horse. (abouth the death of MP Igor Eremeev).

22. Pogorelov put two fingers in his mouth and vomitted two monasteries (about the construction in the Peremoha Park).

23. My second coming is not coming because it looks like invasion - Pidzamkovy park and Bozdosh park. There used to be only dogs and drug addicts there. I let people go there.

24. In Domanyntsi, there is a cemetery, you will have a park.

25. I will just go on living. (in response to the question about a possible defeat at the elections)

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Марія  13/11/2015 7:57 pm

Він - хвора людина! Причому невиліковно. Невже ужгородці - таке бидло, яке тільки на таке гівно заслуговує??? Цей злодій у тюрмі має гнити, вкрав уже півміста, тепер планує другу половину вкрасти. Забув, що труна кишень не має.

Анна  11/11/2015 12:46 am

Як на мене - 8 пункт непоганий. І про крематорій - так, було б добре. І парки Боздошський та Підзамковий справді схожі вже на парки. Не знаю, завдяки кому, правда. Але гуляти там можна. Ну, а решта...

стоп  09/11/2015 11:04 pm

клас, весь психічний стан С.М. у 25 фразах ....

капець  09/11/2015 10:43 pm

"Там два пальці в рот вставив Погорєлов і виблював два монастирі (про забудову парку Перемоги)." - це діагноз.

Дохтор  09/11/2015 8:55 pm

Осень, осень...

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