9 reasons not starve in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

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9 reasons not starve in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

With a spoon across Ukraine:, the site ua.igotoworld. gathered 14 unconventional dishes that are worth trying

Ukrainian cuisine, like its people, is generous and rich. Our dishes have been being formed and changing over time. In Ukrainian cuisine, there are dishes borrowed from other nations. Some of them are so accustomed that they are now considered traditional and native Ukrainian, although they are not of Ukrainian origin at all. As shown in the menu, gathered from all regions, the most exotic delicacies are in Transcarpathia. So:


Banosh is a traditional dish of Hutsul cuisine, which is a thick porridge of maize flour cooked in cream or sour cream. This dish is also called perpetual motion, because even a small portion is enough to feed a large family.

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"Bograch" is translated from Hungarian as pot, and since pot is a travel utensil, the recipe of bograch wandered from village to village.In Ukraine, the famous Hungarian goulash is mainly found in Transcarpathia, where there are many Hungarian towns that have preserved ancient traditions. In order to make a really good bograch, it must be cooked the way our ancestors were doing it for centuries - in a pot and on bonfire.

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Chovlent (cholnt, chulnt)

Chovlent is a traditional Jewish meal with meat, beans, whole grains and vegetables. It is made in a pot in an oven. Resourceful Transcarpathians borrowed the recipe of this dish from Jews and turned it into an ordinary meal for each family, not forgetting to make some changes. Thus, Ukrainians use any meat and always add hot peppers.

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Rokot potato

Another dish, borrowed from the Hungarians is Rokot potato. It should be said that Hungarian cuisine is rich in various vegetable casseroles, but this recipe is very simple and will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

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Tokan first came to us from the Romanian cuisine, but this did not prevent the dish from settling in Ukraine and becoming one of the favorites. It is often confused with hominy, this confusion is easily explained. Hominy is a maize porridge, and tokan is a dish of pork which has always been served with this very porridge.

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Hominy is a Moldovan national dish. It's a thick porridge of corn flour which is usually cooked in a pot. What could be special about this dish? The thing is that hominy is unlike any other known porridge either in taste, or in texture, or in appearance. Originally it was made of millet, but when corn fields began to grow in the Moldavian principality, this cereal was easily replaced. In addition, corn was not subject to taxation by Turkish invaders.

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Hombovtsi is an amazing Hungarian meal. But they are surprising not for their recipe, but for the fact that they basically are the same as the dish which is made on the other side of the world. Those are Chinese Baoji steam bun which are very popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. Well, the Hungarians were nomadic, so it is likely that hombovtsi came here from a little-known Asian province.

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Flodni and Pozsonyi kifli

Another Hungarian dessert is a popular Flodni cake and Pozsonyi kifli bagels. These legendary sweets are made according to old recipes of Hungarians of Jewish origin.

Flodni is nothing but a shortcrust pie, but with a distinct and rich "inner world". The feature of this dessert is its stuffing: nuts, apple and poppy that are laid in layers. At their place of irgin, Flodni is traditionally made for Christmas. 

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Pozsonyi kifli bagels is another dish cooked according to the original Hungarian recipe. Their peculiarity is that both yeast and baking powder are used for the dough. Thus, bagels come out crumbly and very soft. Such as dessert just melts in your mouth.

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