Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

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Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

While in spring tourists travel to Uzhgorod to photograph the pink sakura, magnolia and other exotic plants, now the city is blooming with roses. We have walked several streets to take pictures of blooming miracle as they delight not only with different colors but also with different types. 

For example, Lesya Ukrainka street opposite the kindergarten, a white bush of the Polyantha Iceberg rose is now blooming.   Polyantha and Floribunda roses are usually not very high, up to 1m. These roses look spectacular in the garden, especially in the company of decorative deciduous and coniferous bushes. Flowers of the most varieties have no flavor, with average size and different shapes.

In Bakoniy lane, you can admire the blossoming pink roses that look like the previous one, but this is the climbing type of roses - Climbing Iceberg. They are suitable for decorating arches, they have long (2-5 m) flexible shoots.

Right next to ot, there a dark pink park rose called Rosarium Uetersen. These roses are unpretentious and indispensable for lovers of natural garden style. They bloom long and are very resistant to colds. Adults park roses reach 2-3 meters. You can plant them in autumn and spring.

On Kotsyubinsky street, opposite the Regional Prosecution Office, colorful "single" tea-hybrid roses are growing - Grande Amore (red), pale pink Landora, and a pale orange rose.     

A little further, near the temple, there is a considerable rosary - here you can the already mentioned Rosarium Uetersen and tea-hybrid roses of different colors that "captured" the church building. But there is also an unusual violet-pink rose bush. It is the Konsuella park rose. It flowers profusely in mid-June and continues blloming throughout the vegetative season. Its bush is high and thick - 1.8 - 2.0 m.

Across the street, near the Regional Prosecution Office, there is a bush with small burgundy flowers - a miniature Optima Red.  Patio and miniature roses are small in size but delicate. They are unpretentious and easy to keep. The height of the bush is up to 30 cm. It flowers continuously throughout summer.

By the way, researchers count more than 350 species and thousands of varieties of roses in the world. 

Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (чайно-гібридні5)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Консуела2)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Ландора )
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (чайно-гібридні4)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (чайно-гібридні3)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Оптіма Ред)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (поліантова троянда Айсберг 1)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (чайно-гібридна)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Гранде Аморе)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Консуела1)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Розаріум Ютерсен2)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (поліантова троянда Айсберг)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Клімбінг Айсберг)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Розаріум Ютерсен_1)
Rose craze in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS) (троянди) (Клімбінг Айсберг1)

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