Moskal: "Contraband is smuggled in all possible ways. Except maybe for camels, because they simply do not live here"

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Moskal: "Contraband is smuggled in all possible ways. Except maybe for camels, because they simply do not live here"

Remembering that Hennadiy Moskal long worked in Transcarpathia, the magazine "Publichnyie lyudi" asked him for comment on the events in Mukachevo.

- Mr. Moskal, what you think about the events in Transcarpathia?

I am ashamed of it.  When I was the chief of the police in Transcarpathia in 1993-1995, there was nothing like this. Now, local authorities allowed it to happen. There is enormous smuggling on the green border of Ukraine with Transcarpathia. 70% of drugs is supplied to Ukraine from there, that is there now a fierce war for this market.

30% of drugs goes through Lviv region - not only drugs, but also illegal migrants, cigarettes.

All that is transported across the border by divers, horses, helicopters, used in the ATO, by all available means. The only thing that is not used is camels because they do not live here.


- I would like to hear your opinion on the fate of volunteer battalions after Mukachevo.

- I half of Aidar are my friends, and another half are enemies. With my friends (former Afghanistan veterans), I would go to any war. It is the 29th Regiment. And their liquidation is a knife in the heart of Ukraine, because without them we can not cope in the ATO.

We have to keep the balance in this. We must not flirt with criminals in our armed forces, and we must not tar all men with the same brush - it is the human factor, which the authorities should respond to. If some "national-patriots" don't like it, it is their problem.

We have to defend the East from Russian terrorists. There must be political will for everything.

Yesterday, I took the dictionary and browsed Romanian and Polish sites - comments are very radical, I'm ashamed of my country, they hate us. This should be resolved with drastic methods - dismissal of the police chief, prosecutor, head of the regional customs service, the Security Service of Ukraine. All deputies from western regions, where there is smuggling, should resign. They were chosen by people, we were going to Europe, but messed up in Mukachevo. Now we can forget about visa-free regime! Does Europe take savages? No, it filters out all!

They are a gang, mafia!

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Кира  15/07/2015 11:55 pm

Чья бы корова мычала...Посмотришь и помлушаешь самого Москаля, дык рагуль форменный, а не государственный муж.

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