What does Red Monkey want?

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What does Red Monkey want?

Bright, full of turbulent events, quiet, peaceful and fun - this is what the new year 2016, which will take place under the sign of Fire Monkey, is going to be like.

The events of this year will be unpredictable and at times illogical, just like its symbol - Red Monkey - itself. This animal has a strong natural intuition, it is quite artistic and cute, but sometimes its mood changes 180 degrees, and the Monkey becomes angry and hostile.
Just like it is impossible to predict which trick the Monkey will do in a couple of hours, it is impossible to predict exactly what 2016 will be like. Things can change quickly and unexpectedly - quiet life may suddenly become full of unforeseeable events, the outcome of which sometimes can not be predicted.

Meanwhile, astrologers say that the coming 2016 will be very quiet and calm in terms of establishing relations at both family and global level. Military conflicts will subside, and truce will come. Families will become stronger, parents will become more mature and will begin to understand what is really important in this life.


What to wear on New Year's Eve 2016. The year of Red Monkey should be met in natural fabrics (velvet, organza, silk, satin, leather) of red, dark pink or burgundy color, but other colors are also possible (orange, gold, yellow, pearl, coral and red). 
New Year's Eve style should embody beauty and elegance - mini-skirts that reveal women's slender legs or evening dresses with cut-outs, high-waisted cocktail dresses with bare shoulders.  On New Year's Eve 2016, clothes must show gloss and extravagance.

Men should wear classic dark or golden brown suit and ironed shirt. Bow tie or original cravat will delight Monkey, and it will certainly be very benevolent to you in the new year. Men need to shave and have a neat haircut made.

What to cook for 2016 New Year's Eve dinner

Monkey loves naturalness, so your New Year's Eve dinner should include plenty of gentle and low-fat snacks and salads with fresh ingredients decorated with herbs.

The vestive menu can be quite varied - meat, stuffed eggs or fish. Since our monkey is a lover of decorated delicious dessert, there should be fruits (especially bananas), vegetables and pastries on the table.

Do not forget - BANANAS should be the main decoration of the table!

Astrologers say that 2016 will be a very interesting and quite successful year for all zodiac signs who are curious, resourceful, enterprising, who want

to work and earn.
The Red Monkey year is also favorable for marriages and childbearing, because red is the color of love. Monkey is ready to give all an opportunity to change their lives for the better. 

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