Top 30 things that should be done before the New Year

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Top 30 things that should be done before the New Year

We offer you the list of things that should be done before the New Year and that will help you to make a new list of tasks from scratch.

We often ask ourselves, what should we do before the New Year? What decorations can we make for the New Year? When to start planning the New Year?

Each of us has a list of tasks that need to be done before the New Year. We offer the following:

  1. Get fit. If you have extra weight, it's time to get rid of it in order to look great at a festive party. If you want just to pump muscles - do not postpone a visit to a gym, or work out at home.
  2. Repay debts.   Even if you cannot do it in full, at least do it in part. Those, who you owe to, will appreciate it. Do not forget to cover the costs of the credit card or to pay utility bills.
  3. Change appearance. External changes invariably cause internal ones. So, before the New Year, make a haircut, change your hair color, change your glasses, go to the beauty salon.
  4. Buy gifts. Take care about gifts for loved ones in advance, and then you will not have to run on December 31 in crowded shopping centers and frantically look for anything. 
  5. Wrap gifts. To create a festive atmosphere, make sure to wrap gifts in bright colorful paper and ribbons.
  6. Let go of grudges. Do not start New Year with a heavy heart. Forgive all offenders in your mind and make some conclusions about these people.
  7. Plan vacation. To fill the beginning of the year with positive emotions, start planning your New Year holidays now. You may want to go with your family to ski or stay in the city. Decide where you would like to go and how to spend time during the winter holidays.
  8. Take care of your health. Take some preventive measures and treatment. For example, treat an aching tooth, do a blood test, take vitamins, exercise to strengthen the back, go for a massage.
  9. Buy a New Year's dress.  Start looking about a month before the New Year if you do not want to overpay for it on the eve of the holiday.
  10. Get rid of junk. Start with your own wardrobe. Take the clothes, that you do not wear but is still in good condition, to a center for homeless or to a church, where it will be distributed to those who need it.
  11. Do charity work. On New Year's Eve, you can become a magician. Organize a trip with friends to a an orphanage where you can perform a play for children, donate even small amount of money for the treatment of a sick person, bring an old neighbor a bag of food.
  12. Make a thank-you list. Write down what you have been grateful for this year.  Think of every month of the year.
  13. Pay attention to parents. Often in everyday routine, we forget about the most important people - our parents. Plan a family trip or a cultural evening with your family. Invite your parents, they will like it.
  14. Go on New Year's show. If you have children or younger brothers and sisters, take them to see Santa Claus. If there are no kids in your family, go to a theater.
  15. Buy a sweater with reindeer and snowflakes. Just for a festive mood.
  16. Determine the place of celebration. Decide in advance where and how you want to celebrate the New Year.
  17. Decorate the house. Buy some lights, white paper, foil, glue, scissors and make decorations for your room or the entire apartment.
  18. Bake cookies. Even if you've never tried baking, try yourself. Bake biscuits flavored with ginger and cinnamon in the shape of hearts, stars, fish, houses.
  19. Decorate the Christmas tree. Do not forget to decorate the Christmas tree a few days or better yet, make the tree with your own hands.
  20. Say important words. Maybe you want to open your feelings to someone, or can not bring yourself to make peace with an old friend? Do it.
  21. Make a New Year's menu. If the celebration will not be in a restaurant, decide what to cook for the holiday table. Think about how to make the night tasty, original and interesting.
  22. Finish all work. Do not leave the work that you can do now for the next year.
  23. Meet with friends. Get together over a cup of cocoa or mulled wine, talk about plans for the next year, recall funny moments of the past year.
  24. Visit a new place in your town. Discover uncharted places of the town. It can be a new cozy cafe or a shop with fancy gadgets.
  25. Fulfill a promise. If you promised someone something, do not delay. Just fulfill this request.
  26. Make something with your own hands. It can be holiday cards, a scarf, or a bracelet.
  27. Say thanks. Start with your loved ones for just being there for you, ending with enemies who pushed you to becoming better.
  28. Skate. Even if you're not very good at it, gather a merry company and go to the rink.
  29. Quit a bad habit. Tell yourself to stop. Quit smoking, coming late, waiting long to get up, failing to do work.
  30. Accept yourself as you are. New Year is the best time to finally love yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

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Happy New Year to you!


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