The war over a bus stop in Uzhgorod

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The war over a bus stop in Uzhgorod

A controversial bus stop. Uzhgorod authorities are trying to stop the construction near the Treasury. Opponents argue that it is a political revenge.

The attempt of the city authorities representatives to look into the legality of the construction of a bus stop near the Treasury in Uzhgorod escalated into scandal. The administrator of the City Executive Committee Oleksandr Volosyansky, members of the executive committee of the City Council, representatives of relevant departments failed to reach consensus on the legality of the construction with representatives of the developer.

Recall that the story began last week when a construction site popped there and the workers put up supports for the future bus stop. The urgently assembled committee consisting of the administrator, representatives of the municipal police, architecture, transport and other departments arrived at the site.

They met with the owner of the pharmacy "Zhyva Voda", who said that developers, while determining the boundaries of the site, had partly occupied his territory. Members of the City Council had doubts about the legality of the construction. However, the developer was not there. As Volosyansky explained, they phoned him, but he said that he was outside the city and could not come. He could not say anything specific about the construction not having enough information.

As it turned out, the permission for the erection of a bus stop was indeed issued to Olesya Barchan - back in 2009, ie during the term of Serhiy Ratushniak. It stated that the stop must have been erected within two months after the receipt of the necessary permits.

Today, Tuesday, April 1, Volosyansky again went to the site with a copy of the decision. According to him, the construction should be suspended as it was to be carried out years ago. Now it is illegal, until a new permit to carry out works is received from the city executive committee.




O. Volosyansky explained that the decision stated that the construction was to be carried out within two months, and if the term is missed for a valid reason, they must write the appropriate application and obtain a new permit from the municipality. The developer has a valid reasons, however he did not receive a new permit from the Executive Committee, therefore the construction is illegal.

Meanwhile, the police arrived and began recording information on the situation.   

They are identifying the builders. Currently, the work has been suspended, but it is unclear weather it will be stopped until the situation is resolved.  

In short, currently, the conflict seems to be far from resolving. Both parties are determined and argue that they are right. Tomorrow, April 2nd, this issue will be considered at a meeting of the executive committee. It is assumed that the previous decision on the building permit will be canceled, then the City Hall will appeal to court. Representatives of the developer also assure that they are ready to defend their case in court.                   

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Ізя Шніперсон  01/04/2014 8:25 pm

Ну йсе чисто по закарпатськи, так ся ми видить ож почали би ототу будьку будувати два місяці назад, то на сьому сайті писали б і по другому: бєзпредел, передел, самовольное будівництво і іже в цьому духе. А нипирька нннет: "шоб усьо було по закону, по правилах!" Жесть.... Много чести для будки пуд гироси кидь туди така чилядь "завітала", дайте їм дисконт 10% на чубуреки.

Ярослав Гулан  01/04/2014 8:20 pm

Типовий приклад земельного дерибану вільних метрів. А від інфо, що власник хоче передати зупинку місту - ну прямо плакати хочетсья від такої доброти.

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