Detention in Lviv: the official version of the police and the statement of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia

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Detention in Lviv: the official version of the police and the statement of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia

As we already reported, today, in Lviv region, the police arrested a group of the Transcarpathian Right Sector, returning from the ATO. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine published the official version of the detention of volunteers from Transcarpathia, while the Right Sector appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the commentary on the situation. 

Two statements are below for your consideration. 

Official notice of the MIA of Ukraine.

"Last night officers of the OCD in Lviv region arrested an armed criminal group in the amount of 6 persons, residents of Transcarpathian region.

During the operational activities, officers of the OCD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region received information on the intention of a group of people to smuggle from the area of the anti-terrorist operation a significant quantities of weapons, ammunition and explosives to Transcarpathia. They reported that to their Lviv colleagues.

As a result of the operation, around 01.00, officers of the OCD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Office in Lviv region, together with the officers of the Special Police Batallion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Office and the traffic police, at a railway crossing in Stry, stopped two cars Jeep Grand Cherokee with Czech license plates.

During the examination of the first car, they found and seized objects looking like:

Submachine gun AKM №420808 «DUMMY»

Submachine gun MSH №4858; 7,62X39

Submachine gun №32364; 7,62X39

Submachine gun AKSU №422038 «DUMMY»

Submachine gun AKSU №421441

Grenade launcher RPG-22 №DM10348

Grenade launcher RPG-22 №6H18VA31 0847

Machine gun PK №AK776

Rifle "Saiga" №1018713; 7,62X39

Rifle "Tigr" №LO9503131 with optical sight "Pilat"

Fort-202 №02233

Fort-201 №MH7520

Hunting rifle №2676

Air rifle «made in Germany» №05141516

4 RGD-5 grenades

3 F-1 grenade

1 RGO grenade with fuse

2 RGN grenades with fuse

1 VOG-17M grenade with fuse

7 fuses for UZRGM grenades

49 AK magazines filled with 5.45 mm cartridges

6 empty AK magazines

4 SGD magazines filled with 7.62 mm cartridges

Cartridges of 7.62 and 5.45 mm caliber in bulk and in containers

and other items.

During the examination of the second car, they found and seized objects looking like:

An RGD-5 grenade with fuse

A magazine for AK filled with 30 cartridges of 5.45 mm caliber

A magazine filled with 20 cartridges of 7.65 mm caliber

Three bayonet-knives

Two radio stations

The cars were detained using firearms because the drivers refused to stop.The police officers shot at the wheels of the cars. Nobody was injuried.

The detained persons were taken to Stry City Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region. Currently, the issue of pre-trial restraint against them in the form of custody is being decided," - the statement reads.

Statement of the Right Sector of Transcarpathia to the MIA

"A group of fighters of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia, who were returning to Uzhgorod for a short break between combat operations in the ATO area, at night on August 12, 2014 was fired at and detained by the police near the city of Stry. As it turned out, a group of officers of Lviv Organized Crime Department and ex-Berkut ambushed the soldiers of the Volunteer Corps returning from the combat zone.

This "raid", as said in the statement, was ordered by the management of the Transcarpathian MIA Office.

Already in the morning, the MIA management reported about the detention of an "organized criminal group" with large quantities of weapons and explosives.

 In actuality, as noted above, the police, using firearm, attacked the combat unit of the VUC, who were going to Uzhgorod for a short rest after a number of combat operations. The unit had carried out more than 10 military raids, including raids behind enemy lines and intelligence operations both independently and in cooperation with other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other volunteer units. However, the management of Lviv and Transcarpathian MIA offices organized a sort of "warm" reception of the heroes. At night, around one o'clock, the police opened fire at the cars of the group, forcing them to stop, and then brutally detained them. It is known that one of the boys was beaten, which resulted in an injuried head.

On the MIA website, they posted allegations against patriotic volunteers of organizing a criminal group and carrying weapons from the ATO zone, when in fact it is mostly personal legally registered weapons.

Do armchair colonels believe that volunteers are fighting with gas canisters and rubber truncheons against terrorists armed to the teeth, including armored vehicles,? While volunteer units arm themselves, mainly with trophy weapons gained in battles, hinterland police detachments detain and disarm combat groups. Whom do these "policemen" help?

The Headquarters of the First Battalion of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps demands from the Ministry of Internal Affairs management to immediately release fighters and give them back weapons. Perpetrators and organizers of this provocation must be punished and sent to the ATO area where they can prove their professionalism in the fight against the real enemy.

Glory to Ukraine!" - the press-service of the Right Sector of Transcarpathia wrote. 

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