In UzhNU, the finals season will start soon

Natalia Karalkina, student of journalism department of UzhNU   23 May 2013 22:26  23436245 036922
In UzhNU, the finals season will start soon

The school year in the university will soon be over. Students will have their exams, and masters, specialists and bachelors will be awarded their diplomas. The preparation for admissions, academic achievements and immediate plans were discussed during the meeting of the administration: Fedir Vashchuk, Uzhgorod National University Rector, PhD, Professor; Yulian Vysochansky, Vice Rector; Svitlana Dzhupina, the head of teaching department together with the deans of faculties, directors of institutes, representatives of the university departments. 
The rector expects a significant increase in performance of UzhNU in ranking lists of Ukrainian universities.    
 By the end of May, the TSU students will have officially been transferred to UzhNU. Currently the integration of curricula continues. 
Starting from the next week, the management of UzhNU move to the new administration building - former Economics Faculty. 
 On June 30, the awarding of diplomas starts at the University.  The exams for fourth year students, who plan to enroll to Master's or Specialist's degree programs, begin in July. Detailed information can be found on the site of UzhNU in the "Admissions" section. The procedure for admission, including entrance exams, is hard. Depending on the performance of students throughout 4 years of studying, the Rector of UzhNU in the future plans to make the admission procedure for those students easier.

In UzhNU, the finals season will start soon (2013_05_23_13_22_09)
In UzhNU, the finals season will start soon (2013_05_23_13_22_11)

Source: Natalia Karalkina, official site of UzhNU

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