Uzhgorod is ready to flood, but Roma "do not cooperate"

5 June 2013 13:23  14237290 037983
Uzhgorod is ready to flood, but Roma "do not cooperate"

Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov today checked the preparedness of the city to flood.

As Serhiy Dmitriev, a specialist of defense and mobilization department, reported, now and in the near future the problem of flooding does not threat the city. However, there are three problem areas, which could be flooded in the case of the highest, catastrophic flood, that may occur once every 100-150 years: Radvanka neighborhood, the area on the right bank of the river, from the vehicle bridge, Studentska embankment, the area of ​​the "Pidzamok" park, and Domanyntsi neighborhood on Vchytelska str.

 There are emergency crews and the action plan on cooperation with local authorities in the event of flooding.

Yosyp Adam - representative of Uzhgorod Roma was also invited at the meeting. Victor Pogorelov expressed dissatisfaction with his work as the head of the Roma community. "You do not ensure the cooperation of the Roma population in Uzhgorod. People complain about the unauthorized construction in the city by the Roma. This issue needs to be controlled," - the mayor said. These actions can cause strife between residents of Uzhgorod and Roma.

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