Regional authorities are planning to build mini-hydros in all districts of Transcarpathia  5 June 2013 15:39  50137293 137986
Regional authorities are planning to build mini-hydros in all districts of Transcarpathia

The development of small hydropower remains one of the priorities in the development of the region. Therefore, it is planned to construct dozens of hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of up to 2 MW in all districts of the region - Transcarpathian Regional Administration suggest in the context of the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Electricity consumption in Transcarpathian region is about 2000 GWh per year, and its own hydroelectric power generation is 6-8 per cent of total consumption. At the same time, hydropower resources of Transcarpathia are the largest in Ukraine and comprise one quarter of the overall capacity of the country - the memorandum states.   

The first practical step in the program of utilizing hydropower potential of the region's rivers was the construction of ​​0.63 MW small hydropower plant in the village of Bilyn in Rakhiv district with an annual generation of electricity up to 3 million kWh. In 2011, the small hydroelectric plant of derivational type in the village of Krasna in Tyachiv district was put into operation with the total capacity of 0.8 MW. In addition, in 2012, the small hydropower plant on the Shipot river near the village of Turya Polyna in Perechyn district was commissioned with the total capacity of 1.05 MW. It is also planned to reconstruct the Tereblya River hydropower plant, which includes installation of an additional turbine unit and the construction of another water supply tunnel from the existing reservoir. The project will increase the capacity of the hydropower plant from 27 to 60 MW and increase electricity generation to meet the loads in the "peak" hours. The project cost is 75 million cu.

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