No to psychotropics

5 June 2013 12:13  3237286 037979
No to psychotropics

At the checkpoint "Tisa" on Ukrainian-Hungarian border, border guards together with representatives of customs prevented the import of illicit medicines across the border, the press service of the Chop border guard detachment reported.

In the first case, during the in-depth inspection of the minivan "Volkswagen", among the personal items they found hidden psychotropic drugs TRAMADOL (20 capsules) and LORAZEPAM (50 tablets).

In another case, 49 psychotropic pills of FRONTIN were transported by a Hungarian citizen in the cab of his truck.

Border guards of "Chop" unit, during the inspection of the train "Budapest-Moscow", together with customs officers found another 86 pills of the drug FRONTIN carried by our compatriot, who was returning home from abroad.

All the found drugs were seized according to the law.

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