Polish visa center in Uzhgorod will be opened in August

8 July 2013 15:37  13040079 040784
Polish visa center in Uzhgorod will be opened in August

On Monday, July 8, the acting head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Igor Svyshcho met with the Consul General of Poland in Lviv Jaroslaw Drozd, the press center of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration reported.

The Embassy of Poland in Ukraine, plan to open a visa application reception centre in Uzhgorod in August.This was told by the Consul General during the meeting:

- We made ​​this decision because we understand that it is difficult for residents of the region to obtain a Schengen visa through Polish consular bodies - they must go to Lviv, or to Ivano-Frankivsk.The opening of the visa center in Uzhgorod is just one of the measures to improve visa policy in Transcarpathia. The main task for today is the opening of pedestrian and bicycle crossings "Lubnya - Volosate" on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Then it will be expidient to introduce local border traffic for Transcarpathians.
According to the Consul General, they have already found the premises for the Polish visa center in Uzhgorod - on Kapushanska street. The center will start working in early August, the official opening is scheduled for August 27.

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