In Transcarpathia, bad weather caused damages

12 July 2013 15:55  19740368 041074
In Transcarpathia, bad weather caused damages

July 11, there was a strong wind in Transcarpathia. As a result of bad weather, trees in the cities of Uzhgorod and Vynogradiv, as well as in Mukachevo (Kyiv-Chop highway, near the village of Chervenovo) Beregovo (the villages of V. Bakta, Kidosh) and Khust (the village of N. Bystry) districts were fallen, the site of the regional State Emergencies Service reported.

Cutting of the fallen trees and clearing of the roadway was carried out by rescue units of Special Emergency and Rescue Detachment of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine office in Transcarpathian region and local State fire and rescue units. In total, they cut 4.5 cubic meters of wood.

And at 18:20 in the emergency service of Transcarpathia was reported that in Vynogradiv (Mayakovsky and Dostoevsky street), strong wind partially damaged roofs of four buildings. In total, 80 sheets of slate were damaged. Also, in the village of Fanchykovo, one house on Holovna street was left without a roof.

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