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Does Uzhgorod need trash bins? (PHOTOS)

Does the city need trash bins in historic center? The city authorities have always answered - "No!" - to this question and reminded about the decision of the Executive Committee, whereby all establishments are obliged to put trash bins at their entrances - allegedly, those would be quite enough.

However, citizens complain: trash bins are actually necesarry on Svoboda Avenue (for example, near benches), on city embankments (which is evidenced by beverages and snacks packages and cigarette butts left there), and in squares.

Today a resident of Uzhgorod Yaroslav posted an obvious proof that trash bins would be useful - in the park on Petofi Square someone did not bother to take the trash to the bin (which actually is not there), so they left it right on the pavement. 

Does Uzhgorod need trash bins? (PHOTOS) (1044303_507828775949243_2123162262_n)
Does Uzhgorod need trash bins? (PHOTOS) (993038_507828792615908_2107990266_n)

Presumably, if there were trash bins there, it would look a little different. Though, mind you - it all depends on how regularly they will be emptied. For now, only a few consious residents put ice cream wrappers in their pocket, and those, who are too lazy to do it. "decorate" historic city center with wastes, which does not make it more beautiful and more attractive for tourists.   

Does Uzhgorod need trash bins? (PHOTOS) (1005091_507828769282577_321508278_n)

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Марта  08/07/2013 11:10 pm

А міський голова казав: "... все (сміття) собі у кишеню і до дому".

Бєляков  08/07/2013 10:34 pm

При Рате установили 150 урн на набережных - половина до сих пор служат, и 100 - рекламных урн на проспекте и в пешеходной зоне - погорелов со сворой их поламал. Этот сайт с прихлебателями Рату мочили, что-то теперь лучше не стало. Ни одной новой урны за три года. Это и ваш результат не только витьки жженого.

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