Young people from Europe are looking for treasures of the Nevytsky castle (PHOTOS)

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Young people from Europe are looking for treasures of the Nevytsky castle  (PHOTOS)

One of the most interesting historical sites of Transcarpathia - the Nevytsky Castle - celebrated the Day of Archeologist in an international company. And although some people may think that now unsolved mysteries are few, archeology is developing, and researchers are finding new information about the old days. At least, that is what is happening in Transcarpathia, which every year attracts young people from around the world like a magnet.   Now, students from several European countries are working in the castle moat. They dream of finding the treasures of the ancient fortress.   

Max, a volunteer from Germany, said: "My motivation to come to this camp is to see Ukraine, the way of life here. I am interested in the country, its interesting scenery, I love the old times, old forts, castles, fortifications, history. And I do not mind physical work... So I dig with pleasure - after all, it's an archaeological camp... ".

The expedition gathered people from Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany and Austria. A young resident of this country willingly came to Transcarpathia to join the archeological work. "I came to Ukraine, because I want this castle to be a real treasure of the state. Our movement involves trips to help local communities. Here we are working on a historical site, in the castle. We live in tents, cook food on fire... It's interesting," - Gundi, a volunteer from Austria says.

   Thanks to volunteers from around the world, they have found an interesting engineering design - a unique water system, built in the middle of the XV century ...

Oleksandr Dzembas, archaeologist, explorer of the Nevytsky Castle, said: "Everything genial is quite simple. The fact is that a kind of lodgement was built on a nearby higher mountain and water under natural pressure flowed to the Nevytsky castle through wooden pipes between the mountains."     



The castle has the scientific and historical value. The architectural complex of the fortress was finally formed in the XV century. The fortification itself already existed in the XIII century - that's was proved by archaeologists. The castle ceased to function in 1644. The Nevytsky is unique in that, although it sustained damages, but it has not been affected by the alterations and modern reconstructions, so it is an example of authenticity and treasure for researchers. 

Dzembas emphasizes that in its size the Nevytsky castle in the XIII century and the Spishsky Hrad were roughly equal fortresses. The Spishsky Hrad - the most famous castle in Slovakia - is protected by UNESCO. Nevytsky is considered just a tourist attraction and does not receive any dedicated funding for research. However, it is possible to recreate the castle, reconstruct it in the original form - the enthusiast believes.

Over the years of volunteering archaeological expeditions, an incredible amount of work has been done - they emphasize. This - new - history of the Nevytsky castle continues. And young archaeologists, like their predecessors, dream of finding treasures of the Nevytsky castle. Although, for each of them, just visiting this special place is a great find. However, who knows what else is waiting for them in the old castle moat...

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Це що організатори молодці не спорю , але було би ще краще як би влада теж щось подумала про памьятки архітектури які гинуть і яким допомагають тільки волонтери з інших країн і само так бачать Україну іноземці

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Молодці організатори, це приклад як треба працювати і представляти Україну іноземцям.

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