Vynogradivshchyny" - Bushko 100%, Baloha - 0%

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Vynogradivshchyny" - Bushko 100%, Baloha - 0%

As uzhgorod.in reported, earlier this year there was a conflict with the newspaper "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny" - the contract of the chief editor expired, and neither the editor himself nor the management of the local district state administration thought about the conclusion of a new one. 

In considering this issue at the session of the District Council, it was decided (the decision dd. February 12, 2013 № 319) to form a temporary control commission that would study the state of financial activities of the ME "DEPC "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny."

As stated in the Commission report, http://rajrada.sevlush.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2034&Itemid=1
 four meetings have been held.

 Among other things, the report states: "In violation... of regulations, the editor of the ME "District editorial and publishing complex "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny" in the period from July 30, 2012 to October 27, 2012 provided advertising services to candidates for election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and political parties. 
     On the outer pages: 100% - Bushko I.I. 
     On the inner pages: 85% - Bushko I.I., 5% - the "Udar" party, 4% - Lendyel A.A., 4% - "Party of Regions", 2% - "Batkivshchyna."
     The editor of the enterprise Kish V. refused to provide advertising services to a candidate for election to the Parliament Baloha I.I. due to the lack of free space in the newspaper "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny."

Also it refers to the "critical situation of technical support in the publishing field.
     The available equipment is extremely depreciated as it was manufactured back in the eighties of the last century. In addition, almost no funds are allocated for repair of the equipment.According to employees of the printing plant, the equipment is on the verge of failure, which they always tell the management about. Almost every day workers themselves repair worn out equipment to ensure fulfillment of orders."

 The Commission recommended the chief edidor  Kish V. to eliminate numerous violations in the organizational, personnel work, wages payment, etc., in particular, to purchase a new (used) printing machine or to arrange for major repair of the existing one.