A real "Bloom" Sunday in Transcarpathia

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A real "Bloom" Sunday in Transcarpathia

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem - a holiday, also known as Palm Sunday, established in memory of the day in the life of Christ when he, riding on a young donkey, entered into Jerusalem. Traditionally, on this holiday believers bring willow branches to the church for the blessing.

Those, who oversleep the ritual of willow blessing, are lightly beaten with blessed branches on returning from church.

Young people would jokingly beat each other with consecrated willow branches already on the way from the church. After the "use", the consecrated willow in no way could be trampled underfoot - it is a great sin. And it can not be thrown away either.

Good people after returning from church plant a few sprigs of blessed willow in the garden. This contributes to a good harvest and peace at home. The remaining branches should be put under the icons.

In western Ukraine, Palm Sunday is sometimes also called Bloom Sunday. Actually, in Hungary the last Sunday before Easter has the same name - Virágvasárnap. However, a real "Bloom" Sunday this year is in Transcarpathia, where all the trees bloom sumptuously.

Congradulating all readers on the bright Day, uzhgorod.in reminds that the coming week is the most important for all Christians: a week of work, purification, bright sorrow and solemn waiting ...

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