Transcarpathia was inspected by Japanese

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Transcarpathia was inspected by Japanese

As part of the tour through several European countries, a group of teachers and students of the University of Tokyo (Japan) led by economics professor Fujio Mitsuoka visited Uzhgorod last Friday. They are interested in the conditions of the business and in particular the expirience of investors in the region, which directly borders the regions of the European Union countries.

Guests from the land of the rising sun visited the regional council, where they met with specialists of executive offices.

The head of investments and foreign economic relations administration Vasyl Tsap, adviser to the chairman of the regional council Ivan Dius, and deputy director of Transcarpathian Investment Agency Nataliya Feyer told the visitors about the development of investment in various sectors of the economy, the legal aspects of the protection of foreign investment, and conditions of inter-regional and cross-border cooperation.

Japanese visitors also met with students and teachers of Economics Faculty of Uzhgorod National University and visited the company "Yazaki Ukraine" LLC, which is the largest direct investment of Japanese capital in Ukraine.

Source: Press Service of the Regional Council

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