The first project of cooperation with Hungary in the social sphere has been enacted

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The first project of cooperation with Hungary in the social sphere has been enacted

Last Sunday, residents of Velyka Dobron in Uzhgorod district, participated in the event that was pleasant not only for the village, but for our whole Transcarpathian region. Here, according to the agreement signed on March 30 by the Regional Council chairman Ivan Baloga and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Zsolt Nemeth, the first joint investment project in the social sphere was enacted. Due to this project in a short time the windows and doors in the village preschool were replaced which will allow not only to improve the conditions of education, but also to make the operation of the building cheaper and the energy consumption more economical. 

- Now in winter our kids will be warm and cozy - said the director of preschool Maria Rati with joy.

  At the ceremony, which took place on the occasion of this event, numerous active members of local community gathered, and also guests from the regional center of Transcarpathia and Hungary, including Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice of Hungary Zsuzsanna Repasch and diplomatic representatives.

In their speech on behalf of Ivan Baloga the manager of the executive office Mykhailo Popovich and chairman of the Standing Committee on Budget Vasyl Brenzovych thanked the Hungarian government for financial aid in the social development of our region.

Indeed, in the framework of the above Agreement it is foreseen to implement during 2012 and the first half of 2013 61 joint projects in the fields of education, culture and health in most areas of Transcarpathia. And soon the public will witness the grand completion of such projects not only in Uzhgorod district (there should be 10 more), but also in Beregovo, Vynogradiv, Mukachevo, Khust, Tyachiv and even Volovets districts. For this purpose, the last session of the Regional Council amended the budget of the region, providing funds for co-financing of projects, and lays relevant proposals in the regional budget for the next year.  

 All this will not only accelerate the solution of problems of social development in the border local communities of our region, raise the level of meeting the educational, social and cultural needs of the people and bring them closer to European standards, but especially will facilitate the development of ties between local communities of border regions of Ukraine and Hungary, strengthen friendship between the Ukrainian and Hungarian peoples.

Source: Press Service of the Regional Council

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