Closer to Uzhgorod - free tours continue

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Closer to Uzhgorod - free tours continue

Uzhgorod residents continue to discover their hometown - free tours continue. The second public informative exploring of the city under the slogan "Uzhgorod for Uzhgorod residents" also was devoted to the "Czech era" and the area known as Halahov, but it was interesting for both those who joined it for the first time and those who came to the event for the second time. The tour was presented by the legendary tour guide, head of the Department of Tourism of UzhNU Fedir Shandor, and during this trip he revealed a lot of information little known even to those who are closely interested in the history of the city over Uzh.

The participants listened to their tour guide "agape", and Fedir inserted his "brand" jokes in between tales of historical vicissitudes and architectural features. Despite the fact that the weather was cold, the guide touched on topics of special trees of Uzhgorod.


The guide made a special stop near the old Czech hydrant explaining that doomsday will definitely not happen, because the hydrant has a guarantee of efficiency until 2013. 

Of course, Fedir Shandor did not ignore Narodna Square. He told about the features of the buildings, how architects prepared to possible earthquakes - some of it is on video.


The guide also told why the parterre of the square is a green zone. It turns out that near Halahov (the name is derived from words denoting swampy, wet location) a large space was left vacant and unpaved in order to have a large area of ​​evaporation so that the buildings would not get wet. "If the regional administration does decide to build on this territory, they will be the first to suffer - the RSA building will have to be saved from the water" - said the guide.


The project organizers invited officials on this excursion - they believe that the government should be interested in knowing historical and architectural features of Uzhgorod. However, none of the officials volunteered, clearly demonstrating that they are not very interested in our city. Instead, dozens of people came, citizens who are genuinely interested in Uzhgorod - actually, it is them that these informative walks have been arranged for.

Commenting on today's tour, Fedir Shandor concluded: the city community is ready to learn Uzhgorod deeper, therefore the idea that emerged in social networks thanks to activist Tetyana Lemak, gained such popularity. There will be 50 more tours.    It is worth noting: in addition to a thorough knowledge of the "Czech era" in the history of the city, the organizers have a lot of interesting plans. So - to be continued ...

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Гуцул  30/11/2012 11:31 pm

Ужгородцю, так підійми свою сраку тай піди розказувати історію, критикан

Ужгородець  25/11/2012 10:35 pm

Уважно прослухав. Шандор - казкар та міфотворець - безподобне явище у свому роді!
На рівень провінційного екскурсовода, що віртуозно розвішує лапшу на вуха наївних екскурсантів - в самий раз. Але те, що він розповідає має дуже опосередковане відношення до історії Ужгорода - як науки. Іменами не володіє, дат не наводить, в термінології, якою користується - не розбирається.
На жаль - все це має рівень провінційної профанації.
Було б добре - надавати зацікавленим екскурсантам достовірну історичну інформацію, а не розповідати казки та множити міфи.

Ярослав  25/11/2012 8:11 pm

Рита  25/11/2012 6:36 pm

Шандор - великолепен!

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