Yolka lost her father

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Yolka lost her father

A tragedy happened in the family of Uzhgorod citizen, Ukrainian-Russian singer Yolka. 55-year old artist’s father has died.

According to Zakarpattia Online in the evening of June13, 55-year old Valdemart Ivantsiv suddenly felt bad after the training on gym equipment at the Sport Complex where he worked as a coach.

‘Emergency’ doctors, who arrived at the place, stated the death.

Elizaveta Ivantsiv (Yolka’s real name) always stressed in all her interviews that she loves her parents very much.

‘I see my mom and dad very rarely and this is a great sorrow for me. It is very bad when there is no opportunity to catch a car and get to my parents. On the other hand, if I’d stayed there I would not have helped them’, - she said in one of the interview.

‘It seems to me now that I have become my parents’ wishes realization. My dad listens to jazz all his life, my mother plays on several musical instruments. Grandpa and Grandma sang in the Transcarpathian Folk Choir’, - told the singer in another conversation.

It is the father who has played a significant role in his daughter’s choice of profession he has actively supported all her creative impulses. She got a decent assessment for every new achievement from him.

Uzhgorod.in expresses sincere condolences to Elizabeth, her relatives and friends. 

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