Ukrainians can face 12-hour working day and unreasonable dismissal

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Ukrainians can face 12-hour working day and unreasonable dismissal

Many moments that negate the workers’ rights and allow the working hours and exertion increase may be adopted after the election in the New Labor Code project.  

This was announced by the Doctor of Medical Science and the head of Occupational Medicine Institute Department Antonina Nahorna, writes newspaper ‘Gazeta Kievskaia’.

Thus, Article 143 of the new Code allows an employer to establish the 12-hour working day. But the working week duration should not exceed 48 hours.

According to the expert, there are several problems in this innovation: first, the 4-hour of additional work time compensation is not itemized – there are no vacations, no day offs or cash compensations.

‘In fact, a worker becomes dependent on the employer’s whims. And secondly, there is a violation in the recovery process of the body and straight way to the Professional Diseases increase. The probationary period increased to 6 months.’ – said Nahorna.

She also informed that employer may conduct workers’ rotation almost every six months using labor force practically free of charge, because the probationary period salary and after it significantly differs.

‘An employer is entitled to take legal acts necessary for employees independently. In practice this means that the employer can establish the office dress code, impose the language or implement compulsory English Training courses and take money for them’, - pointed out the expert.

The owner has an opportunity to evade the collective agreement conclusion and independently regulate the organization labor’s issue.

She said that previously the dismissal happened in two months.

In addition, the employ may not explain the reasons for dismissal.

‘And finally, the third point: an employer has a right to dismiss single mothers and fathers’, - added the expert. 

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