Transcarpathian business can receive international assistance for the use of alternative energy

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Transcarpathian business can receive international assistance for the use of alternative energy

‘Development of small and medium entreprises in Transcarpathian region based on the use of innovative, energy-saving technologies’ was the subject of the Uzhgorod press club meeting.

It was about the European experience in the use of energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources in the small and medium enterprises’ sector. Also about the business support organizations’ system support on the example of the Poland province, the successful international practices spread, the experience exchange between Polish and Ukrainian experts.

Ivan Ustych, the President of Cross-Border Cooperation Fund informed that a new project will be implemented in Transcarpathia as a result of six months in cooperation with Polish partners. Small and medium business entities will be invited due to this project. The matter concerns of alternative energy source usage. This was the theme of the intenational seminar in Uzhgorod.

Kazimiezh Tushynski, the Association ‘Horysonty’ (Poland) President explained that Poland as a state has signed an agreement on assistance rendering to other countries. This year’s entrepreneurship support and energy saving is a priority which is defined by the Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project has two directions: first is the alternative energy sources and energy saving technologies development, the second is the experience exchange of Poland small and medium entreprises’ support. The Polish experts arrival in Transcarpathia and Poland visit by the Transcarpathian entreprises representatives are planned. It is also planned that Polish experts will choose two Transcarpathian Enterprises for which will be developed a detailed concept of development with regard to energy-saving technologies.

Professor Robert Buryi, the project ‘Carpathian Sky’ coordinator pointed out that the experts involved in the project are also intended to create an innovative product on the Ukrainian-Polish state border. Such a trend was started in the Polish-Slovak region. In particular, they mentioned that the sky is dark over this region. In other words the settlements’ illumination is not well developed. ‘Although, this may be the attraction to the tourists – said R. Buryi. – The residents themselves do not always realize that it is the basis for the tourist business. We have organized special seminars in order to explain that dark and unpolluted sky can lure tourists’.

According to Robert Buryi, such places are a big attraction for discerning tourists ‘It was began from the observatory in Hummenn (Slovakia). That stage of the project is over and we intend to develop a similar direction in Transcarpathia’, - pointed out professor.

The next arrival of the Polish specialists is planned in September when, after studying the situation in the business the working consultation will start their work.  

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