Transcarpathian archive wants 90 thousand on the ‘Golden Mountain’ refreshments' host  12 June 2012 15:24  38214597 015068
Transcarpathian archive wants 90 thousand on the ‘Golden Mountain’ refreshments' host

At the last session the Regional Council members ‘loused up’ changes to the archival program that was offered by the regional archives director Mukhailo Misiuk. Only 53 from 108 deputies voted for this decision. The archive director requested to make changes to the program, which is designed until 2015-year and on which has already allocated more than five million hryvnia. He asked to add 90 thousand hryvnia. They were supposed to be spent on the refreshments, accommodation and the meeting holding of the state archival services of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which is held at the hotel-ranch ‘Gold Mountain’.

We want to remind you that the archives employees’ meeting was held in the region from May 27 to June 1. The Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine Olga Ginzburg, the Head of the Federal Archival Agency of Russian Federation Andrii Artizov, the Head of Archival and Record Keeping Department of Belarus Vladimir Adamushko and the State Archival Director in Transcarpathia Mykhailo Misiuk participated in the meeting. The Head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Alexandr Ledyda and Uzhgorod Mayor Viktor Pogorelov participated in the conference opening. 

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