Children’s health improvement issue was discussed at RSA

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Children’s health improvement issue was discussed at RSA

The meeting of the Regional interdepartmental Committee on the children’s health improvement and recreation centers’ monitoring led by the Regional State Administration deputy head Ivan Kachur was held on Wednesday, June 13.

58 563 children (39,6% of children aged 7-16-year) are covered by the health improvement and recreation services as for June 11.

The positive dynamics of the health campaign conducting was marked in Khust (62,3%) and Chop (52.8%) executive committees, Mukachevo (56%), Rakhiv (52,7%) and Tiachiv (51,7%) district administrations.

Khust district administration (29%) and the town of Uzhgorod (25%) currently demonstrate not the best results. Irshava district and the town of Mukachevo indexes give rise to concern since there are only 7 children revitalized and 212 respectively. The low indexes are caused by inappropriate tender procedures conduct.

It is planned to involve 24 million on this year’s summer health improvement and vacations for children.

In order to improve the rehabilitation quality, the regional authorities will recommend the region enterprises to pay due attention to health improvement and recreation of their employees children, pointed out the deputy head Ivan Kachur.

It is planned to revitalize not less than 53% of children in more than 560 regional children’s establishments – informs the RSA press center.    

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