Vashchuk turned the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology into an institute, and appointed a journalist as a vice dean  10 September 2012 15:42  169420549 421064
Vashchuk turned the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology into

Today, at the meeting with teachers and students of the Philology Faculty and the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Fedir Vashchuk told that he is creating the Foreign Language Institute, which will be headed by Mykhailo Roshko. This institute is created on the basis of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology. "This will create new jobs." While two months ago, the university did not have money to pay its current employees, now they already have room for new ones. 

Meanwhile, there was also a place for a new Vice Dean of the Philology Faculty - Hanna Tarkaniy, journalist, coordinator of Uzhgorod Press Club. However, none of the current vice deans was dissmissed. So now the Philology Faculty has three vice deans, one for academic work, another for educational work and what Hanna Tarkaniy will be dealing with is not reported.

              Also, the rector of the two universities said that the computer knowledge control system that is being used in TSU will not be implemented in the National University, which comforted teachers and students of UzhNU very much.

              Fedir Vashchuk plans to create a new specialty in the department of journalism - "International Information". The money for these changes will be given by Slovak colleagues. "I have a friend in Slovakia, which owns a large media holding. Local experts there are few. And I can help in getting a grant for your department."

              For Romanians Acting Rector of UzhNU plans to open courses in Nyzhnya Apsha, Dibrova or another Romanian village, which will allow to raise additional funds for the university.

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