Ukrainians again had an accident in Russia

10 September 2012 14:10  10320547 021062
Ukrainians again had an accident in Russia

Eight citizens of Ukraine suffered in a traffic accident in the Pskov region. Car accident occurred as early as Saturday, but became known of only today.

According to the information received by ITAR-TASS in the Regional Office of the Traffic Police, the accident occurred at the 59th km of the Porkhov-Uspene road in Dedovichi district of Pskov region. Driver of the "Mercedes Sprinter" did not choose a safe speed on the road rounding, did not take into account road and weather conditions, went into a ditch and the car overturned," - the police said.

As a result, the driver and seven passengers - they are all citizens of Ukraine - were taken to the central hospital of Porhov district.

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