Trouble in the City Hall: who did law enforcement officers catch red-handed in Uzhgorod city council? (Updated)  9 April 2012 19:47  15659615 109926
Trouble in the City Hall

Today, at the end of the day it became known to that in the building of Uzhgorod City Council law enforcement officers under unclear circumstances are carrying out the arrest of the head of a department.
 Having arrived at the Poshtova Square, our correspondent tried to enter the building. However, the security officer would not let the journalist in, explaining the fact that law enforcement officers forbade anyone to enter the premises until the ongoing investigation.
 Along with City Hall employees who at the time of the operation were forced to remain in their own offices, journalists had to wait for the explanation up to 9 pm. During this time nobody left the building.

Finally, Mayor Daniela Gevorkian who manages the affairs, came out to the representatives of the media in order to comment on the situation. She accentuated straight ahead that none of the employees of the city executive committee has relation to these events: ‘This is not an employee who was detained but the director of public utility. I do not know the details and I have no right to comment on the situation.’

According to Ms. Daniela, the head of public utility provided false information, which was the reason for the law enforcement’s response. They say, he came to the city council as a mediator in resolving certain issues. And he called the name of the official, who could ‘help’ this. However, the information which he was trying to affirm, was not confirmed.

Given that in the lobby of City Council in the hands of law enforcement officers we saw devices to scan the tagged money, we are talking rather about bribery. The head of the affairs of the city executive committee noted that ‘today, unfortunately, anyone, under cover of relationships with state officials, can claim that they can solve some problems. This is not true.’

 No comments of the law enforcement officers in this regard have been received yet. Also it is not clear which of the heads of public utility was caught and who was the official or officials, who was slandered.  However, according to the unverified information, the first is the head of public utility number 4 and the second one is the head of the Urban Department of Uzhgorod city council Aleksei Kasperov. Note that Daniela Gevorgyan went out to the journalists immediately after the lights had been switched off in the office of Aleksei Kasperov.

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