Salaries concern Ukrainians more than democracy – research

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Salaries concern Ukrainians more than democracy – research

The most thrilling theme for Ukrainian is economic. Only a little bit more than 10% of fellow dwellers worries about the development of democracy, human rights and freedoms.

This was confirmed by data obtained as a result of study conducted by Razumkov’s Centre, informed Director of Sociological Service Centre Andrii Bychenko.

59.3% of respondents are worried about unemployment, 51,8% are concerned about the crisis overcoming and economic growth, somewhat smaller number of respondents concerned about the general level of wages, pensions and scholarships (51.5%), then the reduction of prices (43.3%), poor social protection 40.5%, only one third of them wants to improve health care (40%) and for one percent fewer of those who believe that corruption is the most problematic topic (39%).

Cessation of political repressions requires only 18.6% of respondents. For the development of democracy voted 13.2% of Ukrainian. The human rights ensuring and freedom considered as important issue only 10.2% of respondents.

Thus the most important for Ukrainian remain three blocks of issues: economic, fighting corruption and medical care - commented Bychenko.

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