In Ukrainian pharmacies morphine tablets will be sold

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In Ukrainian pharmacies morphine tablets will be sold

Morphine tablets is taken by seriously or terminally ill people around the world. By the end of 2012, this drug should appear in Ukrainian pharmacies. According to TSN, the process for registration of morphine tablets has already begun.

The drugs can be bought with a special prescription in some pharmacies which work under license.

According to experts, tablets drug relieve people experiencing unbearable pain from suffering. That is because in order to take such drugs it is not necessary to wait for health care professional, as in the case of injections.

However, the potential interest of the drug addicts should be the reason to improve the quality of pharmacies security.

As reported, the President of Ukraine signed the amendments to the law governing the sale of psychotropic substances thereunder individuals engaged in medical and veterinary practice, may use in their work narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances necessary for the treatment, including ketamine.

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