Fedir Vashchuk promised teachers and students of the Romanic and German Philology Faculty: "Today you are going to see great changes"

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Fedir Vashchuk promised teachers and students

The new acting rector of UzhNU, Fedir Vashchuk began his working week with the meeting, as he said, with representatives of the faculties, without which he could not imagine classical university. "Today you are going to see great changes," - with these words Mr. Vashchuk began his speech.

Acting rector said that specialists, who graduate from the university, are not qualified enough because after 5-6 years of study Ukrainian philologists do not know how to write an application, and most of the university students do not speak a foreign language. So, the solution is to study Ukrainian business language as well as foreign language throughout the study period. The result should be a state examination in these subjects.

              Also the new helmsman said that he plans to meet with the heads of several Transcarpathian banks to think about how to improve living conditions in dormitories. The plan is simple: the university enters into agreement with businessmen who repair rooms at their own expense, students continue paying, but now to the businessmen. "It does not matter to a student whom to pay" - says Fedir Vashchuk.

              Also the head of the university confirmed the intention to accept students from other educational establishments. According to Mr. Vashchuk, he understands that the level of those students might not be high. "We will not have time to properly teach them, but at least we will earn some money." He estimates that in two months they can earn more than 5 million UAH on such innovations.

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