Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS)

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Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS)

Cute representatives of the largest predators of Carpathian fauna brown Potap and light fawn Bubochka have become my favorites at first glance, and not only mine. Everyone who was watching them in this sunny May day near the high metal fence could not help enjoying a cheerful picture of the free "flight" of the frisky animals on a brand new territory of ​​a special enclosure of the opened at the end of the last year Rehabilitation Center for brown bears in the National Natural Park "Sinevir" in Mizhgiria district.

 It was hard to believe that six months earlier, all six animals were brought here rather exhausted and driven to a critical point. Especially, as the vet Mikhail Masley told, the bear Potap was looking desperately, he got his chain collar firmly embedded in his neck and it was difficult to remove it. Mikhail took part in Potap’s transportation at the end of February. The bear had lived in a small cage of an equestrian club "Bars" in Lugansk. The beast suffered incredible torments:  bullying, harassment by dogs, and the collar in addition, suffocating the adult bear. It is luck that there were decent people there who raised the alarm and helped to take the animal away from the the sadistic owner.  Sinevir’s experts together with foreign colleagues took him to the place of treatment.
    A skilled care for the six patients of the newly established rehabilitation center (the requests to take another 18 sick animals have been received, but so far there is no way to pick them up) has already given the results: the poor animals are slowly returning to the full-blooded life. One should see this returning into the groove!


... Going out from the enclosure has become a real performance. Potap with his new girlfriend played around like little children, struggled from time to time relaxing and enjoying the blueberry leaves, removing from the fur-trees ... apples, which had been tied there by caring centre hosts. But the most favorite pastime for a couple of bears was swimming and a friendly battle in a small pool. A unique spectacle!
 Each of the six animals passed a difficult way of abuse, hunger and ruthless exploitation. A 10-year-old Benya, for example, was taken away from the cruel people of the city of Kaziatyn in Vinnytsia region: they led the animal to the terrible, degenerative condition for profit. A bear Irina two decades had been held in a small carcass cage in the town of Gorodok of Khmelnitsky region.
Now all the bears for the first time in their life do not starve, being in quarantine, in their generous rations they also get vitamin supplements. The bear named Rose is growing more and more confident and the largest one – Dyuri, which was brought from Yasinya, from skinny, emaciated and abandoned has gradually turned into a beautiful big 300-kilogram resident of the rehabilitation center, very similar to grizzly. He likes being photographed, although the worker of the center warned me not to touch the cage, because Dyuri is very quick and his paws have got huge claws!
 - Our 12-hectare rehabilitation center, - says the director of "Sinevir" Nikolay Derbak – is the first one in Ukraine, others exist only in some European countries - Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic. Equipped at the expense of the State Fund for Environmental Protection, it is needed by animals which have been abused or become victims of natural disasters. Great work has been done, now the whole area is securely fenced, visitors can observe bears from a distance. Improvement continues.
  In the future, the territory requires expansion – there are much more bears, requiring rehabilitation than it was expected.

Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Листя яфини - справжній делікатес для бурого.)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Вони гасали вольєром як діти...)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Ветлікар Михайло Маслей (справа) задоволений роботою у центрі реабілітації ведмедів.)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (DSC02703)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Бурий велет Дюрій з Ясіня.)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Водяні процедури у спеку - це диво!)
Bears in rehabilitation center "Sinevir" take apples from fur-trees (PHOTOS) (25) (Улюбленці глядачів Бубочка і Потап.)
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