New marked tourist route has opened in Vynogradiv district (PHOTOS)

On November 24, a new hiking route opened in Transcarpathia – the Pyntya’s Path, which connects 2 neighboring districts, Khust and Vynogradiv. It is on the territory of the latter, namely in the village of Novoselytsia, that the presentation and the grand opening of the route took place.

The tourist route is dedicated to the famous outlaw Pyntya, the folk hero and the favorite of Maramures (Romania). Pyntya was an extraordinary figure and lived a life full of numerous adventures and dangers. A feature film was shot about him in Romania, and now there is a hiking route in Transcarpathia.

Romania is his homeland, but our region provided shelter in the turbulent times when he fought against the Austrian domination over his native land. The persecution forced him to seek shelter in the forests. And he found it in the village of Novoselytsia.     

The route was marked at the expense of the Program of Tourism and Resort Development in Transcarpathian Region for 2016-2020 and with the active participation of the local community. It has the yellow mark and a length of 10.2 km and can be interesting not only for fans of active tourism, but also people who appreciate the cultural heritage, such as the XVII century Assumption Temple, where, according to legend, Pyntya hid his invisible axe and when his weapon is found, the hero will return.

The presentation was held at the local gastronomic festival "Volokh cuisine", so the visitors could also taste local dishes and listen to local folk music.

Although the summer tourist season is over, in the spring everyone will be able to take a hike along this interesting route and experience its allure and uniquness.


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