New life to old bike! (Photo)

Uzhgorod residents are advised not to throw away their two-wheelers: bicycle can be restored so that it will please not only the rider, but also all the citizens.

They offer to repair or just to improve the state of your two-wheeled transport. You can choose a new color, style of bicycle, in short, make it anything you want – say the organizers – "Retrobike." "New life for old bikes" project will start on March 1 and run through June 1. The details will be announced in February.

"Before, "Retrobike" restored bicycles only for friends. But their number is growing, Uzhgorod residents get their bikes from basements, balconies, garages … and want them run again. Moreover, we can make them look originally," – says the author of the project Vita Munchak. "It’s not only the restoration of bikes, but their styling. We believe that Uzhgorod residents have taste. Anyone can take part in the project. It can be a simple redecoratiion of a bike or an overhaul. We are approached by people who simply do not have time to restore their bikes by themselves. By the way, you can restore everything, believe me! "

The author of "Retrobike" project says: "Bicycle people begin to pay attention to trifles, nice details, quality parts. In Ukraine more and more people are using bikes. Kyiv is the heart of bicycle culture, because that is where cyclists can afford everything. We are glad that in Uzhgorod this trend is also developing. Within a few years, "bicycle" turned from sports to entertainment, and now to fashion concept."

According to the organizers of cycling events, in Uzhgorod there are now 3-4 thousand cyclists, they are active participants in the events, people who use a bicycle for exploring the city and beyond. But there are those for whom bicycle is means of transportation. It is difficult to determine the exact number, but last year we started counting, this year we will be assisted by the Department of Tourism, students will be counting the cyclists – says Vita.

However, cycling aficionados complain: despite the development of the cycling movement, there are no improvements in infrastructure. "There is no improvement. Only talks. The situation is even worse, because several streets have been reconstructed without considering the fact that they can be used by cyclists. We, the community of cyclists, do not feel any changes or improvements in infrastructure of the city. Lanterns never appeared, hatches are still open, and bike route in Uzhgorod is an utopia. We participated in the initiative group, which was established in the municipality. But so far there are no results."

However, two-wheelers are unstoppable. "We started organizing more and more events and their quality has improved. Every month we gather more than 200 cyclists to ride the city. In 2012, we went to new routes, attracted many entrepreneurs who catered for participants. Many Uzhgorod citizens, owners of small and medium businesses, join and support us. Thus the number of bikers in our community grows. And hence the quality of riding improves … I am very pleased that cycling is becoming a way of family recreation!" – says Vita.


The "Retrobike" project was launched in 2012. The main types of activity are organization of cycling tours (tours for domestic tourism are popular), bike rental (a popular service for Uzhgorod residents) and restoration of bicycles. The also restore kids bicycles together with the "Wonderrace." Now, they are developing this line of activity – more old bikes will receive new life.

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Photo – from the "Retrobike" facebook page

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