New jousting shows will be in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

In Uzhgorod Press Club there was a press conference of the organizers of the "Silver Tatosh" festival (Chynadiyevo castle "St. Miklos"), where they talked about the results of the festival, as well as about new jousting reenactments and shows to be held in the region in 2013.

"In Transcarpathia there is demand for such shows and attractions, so we plan to develop them in the future. The festival in May, we believe, was a success. The attendance was twice larger than last year – almost 2,000. Almost all reviews and comments after the festival are positive. It has become more interactive.   The greatest interest was a master class in pottery, as well as medieval dances. At the festival they also taught Irish dancing. The central event was the jousting fights" – a member of the historical reenactment club "Sword of Orion", the festival organizer Yuri Slavik told.

"We are pleased that the interest in medieval culture is increasing – the organizer of the festival and the tenant of the Chynadiyevo castle Yosyp Bartosh confirmed. – We noticed that on castle tours. Questions to tour guides are becoming more serious and demanding. This festival inspires people to seriously explore the culture of their land and the Middle Ages in particular. The life of knights, their fights caused a keen interest. It’s very good. And it shows that in the future we should make the festival even more rich and active."


Reenactor Roman Slavik said: "We can say with certainty that the festival exceeded all expectations, both by the number of visitors and by the program. Obviously, this is the most original festival in Transcarpathia. This is evidenced by visitors’ reviews. Many of them asked our contacts, and expressed the desire to learn medieval culture and promote our festival. Next year, we will definitely hold another "Silver Tatosh" festival, which will last even longer and have the improved program."

By the way, this year there will be the first "medieval wedding" in Transcarpathia – members of the historical reenactment club will marry in this style, – Yuri Slavik said.

Now Transcarpathian knights have a rest after the festival battles.  In the fall the "Sword of Orion" will begin to demonstrate new shows for Transcarpathians and guests of the region. 

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