New inhabitants in the natural park “Synevyr” – abandoned bears from a travelling circus (PHOTOS)

Bears Boris, Bury and Jennifer are the new residents of the National Nature Park "Synevyr" in Transcarpathia, the Golos.Ua informed.

Now they are still on quarantine, and in a month they will go to meet other inhabitants of this paradise for bears in Transcarpathia.

In the rehabilitation center bears have a chance to normal life, because for the past ten years they have been living in small cages at a private farm near Sambir in Lviv region. Before that, they had been abandoned by a travelling circus, and that is how they ended up at the farm.

Veterinarian Mykhailo Masley is taking care of them – the bears have caries, infection, stress, broken fangs.

In the rehabilitation center, the daily ration of an adult bear is five kilograms of carrots and apples, six loaves of bread, two kilograms of fish, and also some honey, flour and several grams of salt. "Girls" and young bears have a lighter daily ration.

All the newly arrived bears are more than ten years old; the oldest – Boris – is 26 years old. 

After treatment, the bears will be transferred to a large enclosure in area of ​​12 hectares, where they will be getting used to the electric fence – it is the only protection from predators. And soon, they may start hybernating.

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