New Channel trinity began filming in Mukachevo (photo, video)

New Channel trinity – Olga Freimut, Sergey Prytula and Alexander Pedan –  has started shooting the project "Cabrioleto" in Mukachevo.


Simultaneously in the morning, TV presenters took part in the filming of bothers Safronov’s "Wonderland". Magicians had to send guests to the seaside in their cabriolet, so they surely will in the TV program version. In fact, the car quietly drove into the dufort, though it touched the pavement with the bottom.


Such a pseudo-loss was very disappointing for the audience and the organizers insisted – it is just a show, not miracles.


Afterwards we managed to talk with Sergei Pritula about the project "Cabrioleto," yesterday’s birthday party in Uzhgorod and gifts received by Prytula from guests.


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