New bus stops will be set up in Uzhgorod

Eight new bus stops are to be set up in Uzhgorod in the near future. Those are two stops at Svoboda Avenue – near the house number 3 and the 16-storeyed buoding, on Poshtova sq., S. Petofi sq. (near the school number 9), Cyril and Methodius sq. (near the temple), on Mynaiska, Mytna, Fedynets streets. They will be set up at the expense of two investors, with whom the city council has entered into agreements. One company will be granted the right to place the citylights as part of the design element, the other one – will be providing the services for tracking routes using GPRS equipment. Depending on the size, the arrangement of one stop will cost 45 to 70 thousand hryvnia.

In addition, they plan to install modern bus stops where there are no waiting areas at all. According to the results of the fiscal year half, about 2.5 million hryvnia will be allocated for that from the city budget.

Regarding the stops with trade pavilions (there are about 60 of them in the city) which have not been updated for more than 10 years, their reconstruction will be carried out at the expense of entrepreneurs who will rent them. That is, the reconstruction of stops with trade pavilions is the mandatory requirement of the tender for their lease.  

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