New advertising keeps appearing in Uzhgorod! (PHOTOS)

Uzhgorod again is being "decorated" with advertising. Despite the "moratorium" on the deployment of new advertising designs, adopted by the city government, the volume of advertising in the city keeps increasing. "Decorative fence," and recently panels on power poles – all this has been approved by the executive committee.

Right now, the works on installation of new advertising on the streets are continuing – citizens complain in social networks.

"At the intersection of Mynaiska st. and Svoboda ave., unidentified individuals are dismantling the iron fence and installing billboards. When asked whether they have permission to do so, they refused to answer. Apparently, they are unaware that the law prohibits to install advertising media at intersections and within 5 meters from the roadway…" – Uzhgorod resident Ferenc wrote in Facebook.


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