Nevytsky Castle is being restored – reconstruction of the famous Transcarpathian fortress continues (PHOTOS)

Nevytsky Castle in Uzhgorod district was decaying because it was the municipal property of the village of Kamyanytsia and was not under state protection. The village has no money to maintain the castle. And then the then head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal said that the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration had assumed the management of the castle and 4.6 million hryvnias would be allocated from the reserve fund and the regional budget for the reconstruction of the castle.
Subsequently, the court returned the castle to the region and it was announced that the first tranche of 10 million would be allocated for the reconstruction of the castle. 
But time passed and nothing was done. And then the authorities announced that they were starting to dismantle the emergency roof of the castle tower. Money was allocated for this purpose. However, as it turned out, the funds for dismantling were no longer needed. The roof collapsed due to strong wind. 
And now they decided to allocate UAH 9 million 250 thousand for the reconstruction of the Nevytsky castle.
The beginning of the reconstruction was delayed, but then active work began. 
Reconstruction of the roof of one of the castle towers is almost completed, reinforcement of the walls is underway and the construction of the roof on the main tower will begin soon. Source: ProZak.


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