Nevitsky Castle: zone of attention or danger?

The destruction of the favorite sight has been the issue of concern for fellow countrymen for many years. Serhiy Denisenko also reminds about the danger of the collapse of the tower:

"Look carefully at this photo and say: what does the roof of the Nevitsky castle tower stand on? 

I remember a year or two ago I raised this issue in the FB. Some activity began then, there were meetings of some commissions, they were deciding something. I do not know what they decided. But it seems to me that it only has gotten worse since then, and no works have been performed in the castle.

The silhouette of the Nevitsky Castle is one of the most recognizable visual symbols of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia. There are about a dozen copies in the surrounding villages and in our city, starting with the bus stop in Kamyanytsia and ending with the Uzhgorod railway station. But the castle itself looks terrible, and the roof is about to collapse. I’m afraid we will lose the original, and only copies will remain.

I’m not an expert in medieval castles, and my post is just a common man’s observations. I would very much like to know that I’m wrong, that the castle stands tight and the relevant authorities keep the situation under control."

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