Neighbors are concerned: in Slovakia, measures are being taken to prevent the spread of diphtheria from Transcarpathia

The Public Health Directorate of the Slovak Republic has taken control of the situation with diphtheria in Ukraine, where as of October 29, several cases of this serious infectious disease have been registered. Slovak epidemiologists are checking the vaccination status of border population.

According to Dasa Rackova of the Public Health Office’s Communications Division, official health authorities in Ukraine have not yet contacted the Slovak party.

"Doctors also inform the population that they should be careful while staying in Ukraine or near the Slovak-Ukrainian border and seek medical help immediately if they notice any symptoms," – Rackova said.

Epidemiologists, together with local authorities, are going to take further adequate and urgent measures to prevent the spread of the disease from the border regions of Ukraine to Slovakia.

Meanwhile, according to Ukrainian doctors, the situation with the diphtheria outbreak in Transcarpathia has stabilized.


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