Nearly 30 million hryvnia were given to the UC ‘Hospital Pharmacy’ by Uzhgorod citizens last year

Income from products sale of Uzhgorod utility company ‘Likarniana Apteka’ (‘Hospital Pharmacy’) was 12 892,9 thousand hryvnia last year. In other words, medicines on exactly the same amount of money were bought in these UC pharmacies by Uzhgorod and region citizens, who were treated in the city medical institutions. All these people have put money from their pockets, while medications are supposed to be given to patients by means of the regional budget in the regional institutions.

However, the other thing is interesting: the utility companies earned only 105,000 hryvnia of net profit in such a trade turnover. Whereas, the medicines margin at extremely large pharmacists’ tenderness is not lower than 20% and usually even considerably higher. This is not to say that medications are significantly cheaper at the UC ‘Likarniana Apteka’ points, otherwise, people would buy them only there.

The utility pharmacies have the numerous debts on the basis of 2011 by ‘good’ traditions of Uzhgorod utility companies. The creditor debts is 597 thousand hryvnia, from which more than 57 thousand hryvnia for salaries, 23,9 thousand to the budget and 27, 2 thousand hryvnia to the Pension Fund.


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