Near Uzhgorod, unknown people damaged a sign with the name of the village in Hungarian

This was reported by the Depo.Zakarpattya with reference to the official site of the UMDSZ.

The leadership of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Ukraine (UMDSZ) condemns the barbaric act – unknown people destroyed a board with the coat of arms and the Hungarian name of the village of Kholmok in Uzhgorod.

This sign was installed with the assistance of the organization back in 2006, and was damaged on April 20, 2015. Then they managed to restore it. Now, it is impossible to do it. The leadership of the UMDSZ has filed a corresponding statement to the police, and also guarantees to produce and give the village a new sign in the near future.

The Hungarians’ organization is shocked that the vandals committed their act "on the eve of Orthodox Christmas, when people must be be filled with different feelings."

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