Nature Monuments in Transcarpathia will have relevant documents

One of the most effective methods for protection of unique natural complexes and objects is granting these areas protected status. Accordingly, the territory, which has the protected status, should have clear documentation that guarantees its protection from unwanted intrusions.

According to the head of the State Administration of Environmental Protection in the Transcarpathian region Andriy Pogorelov, currently they are developing draft regulations and protection obligations both for newly created objects and for those that were taken under protection and declared protected areas of local importance back in 1960s, reported Zelene Zakarpattya.

Thus, since the beginning of the year they have developed and sent for review 40 draft regulations for land users, landowners, village councils and forestries. The regulatiions clearly define objectives, academic profile, the nature of operation and status of the protected territories and objects of local importance.

After the approval of the regulations they draw out protection obligations to ensure the protection and preservation thereof, which is concluded between the owners or users of land, water and other natural objects, declared as protected areas, on the one part, and the State Administration of Environmental Protection in Transcarpathian region, on the other part.

Landowners, land users are obliged to carry out re-registration of the protection obligation in case of change of land ownership, provision of land for rent, changes in inventory and others. 

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