Nationalists decided to take care of migrant workers

 Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration Oleg Pankevych believes that the government does not care enough about keeping in touch with the Ukrainian diaspora, informs the Ministry of Industry.

The MP believes in the need of the development of legislation on migrant workers, and the development and implementation of government programs to support them, including – education, social security, legal employment.

In addition to moral, this perspective has a strong social component, because it is almost 20 million people who belong to the diaspora, says O.Pankevych.

The deputy announces significant problems with the protection of migrant workers, who receive no support from Ukrainian diplomatic missions or from the government of the countries where they are. This, according to O.Pankevych, is caused by the inertia of the Ukrainian government in an effort to conclude appropriate agreements with European governments. In order to address these issues, the committee chairman initiated the establishment of the Parliament Subcommittee on protection of rights of Ukrainian migrant workers.

As you know, according to some sources, there are 6.5 million migrant workers working abroad, mostly from the western regions of Ukraine, where the "Svoboda" party received maximum support on the parliamentary election.

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