Name all of them! The winners of the 5th Parade of Brides in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

The jury of the contest chose the best among the hundreds of beautiful girls in the classical, original and super duper dresses. However, the Parade of Brides is also a parade of creative makeup artists, hairdressers, dresses designers and florists. Therefore, officials, politicians, businessmen, journalists and actors chose wedding professionals on their own taste.


Thus, in the category ‘The best hairstyle’ won – Natalia Hladovska, the author – Natalia Shtraus.

kl zaciska

The most original hairstyle – Natalia Todavchych, the author is Natalia Shtraus.

орг зачіска

The best makeup – Yulia Baraban, the author is Heorhiy Gheorhiev.

kl makiyaj

The most original makeup – Natalia Dzys, the author is Inna Sidun.

орг макіяж

The best bouquetSvitlana Samsonova, the author is the flower salon ‘Jasmine’

KL byket

The most original bouquet – Oksana Dubovych, the author’s work.

org byket

The best dress – Anzhelika Liakh, the author – Roksolana Novak.

kl syknya

The most original dress – Victoriia Nimets, the author is Olha Beskyt.

org plattya

Photos are made by Yozhef Kish and Volodymyr Tverdokhlib. 

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