Mykola Vehesh: compared to the previous acting rector Fedir Vashchuk means a progress for UzhNU

Former rector of Uzhgorod National University in his exclusive comments to commented on yesterday’s appointment of Fedir Vashchuk as an acting rector of UzhNU.

"What I said 4 months ago is now fully realized. When Vitaly Nikolaychuk was appointed, I was interviewed and said that "I had been well aware that he had never been even a normal Dean, and therefore did not extend his contract. As a rector this man was weak and he just had to clear the way for Vashchuk."

You know, before Vashchuk’s appointment these few months were very difficult. Nikolaychuk’s team tried to deal exclusively with investigative actions, discovering different cases, looking for people who received bonuses and reasons for the prize as well as blaming others for all the sins. They were managing everything except learning process.

Vashchuk, compared to Nikolaychuk – is definitely a progress. Firstly, he is a very rich man, and for the sake of his own prestige he is even ready to spend his own money to improve the financial position of the university. Secondly, he is not that trivial to pursue someone who just had not extended contract. I listened to his speech. He was the first who thanked me and two vice-rectors. Nikolaychuk would never have done this, but my team really did a lot for the university in the recent years.

However, I am not happy with this appointment because I think that it is essential for UzhNU to keep its old name, and the acting rector is a professor of this particular university. Fedir Vashchuk already stated that the name would not change – and this really pleases. His appointment is resulted from the will and right of the Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk. Although the process itself shows no respect for teachers of UzhNU. It was necessary to appoint UzhNU Professor as an acting rector and Fedir Vashchuk could take part in normal elections of the rector. However, it’s not a big tragedy. If elections are held democratically and Fedir Vashchuk wins, I will shake his hand."

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