Mykhailo Rivis: shameful provocations will not succeed

Comment of the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Mykhailo Rivis on the detained bombers of the office of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia:

 "After several attempts were made in Transcarpathia to destabilize the situation on ethnic grounds in order to drive a wedge between the Ukrainians and the Hungarians, law enforcement agencies have acted efficiently, and the criminals, who set fire to the office of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia last week, have been identified.

On behalf of myself and the deputies, I want to thank officers of the Security Service and the National Police, who have done their best to solve the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice. After all, only effective work of law enforcement and the inevitability of punishment will prevent such provocations in the future.

Together with the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal, we have repeatedly officially declared that such shameful provocations will not succeed. On the contrary, they unite representatives of different nationalities, who have been living and will live in Transcarpathia in peace, harmony and tolerance."

As you know, today the Uzhgorod City and District Court upheld the request of the investigators and imposed a pre-trial restraint in the form of detention without bail on two men detained in Kropyvnytsky, who are suspected of bombing the office of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia in Uzhgorod. 

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